Tuesday, November 9, 2010


So I have resigned myself to this move and now want it to be over with.  I am exhausted, tired, beat, whipped, overwhelmed, and over it.  This last week my husband and I got tons done - we got a storage POD parked in our front lawn to make it possible to see where we have and haven't packed, sold some of the furniture we don't have room for there, sold hubby's truck, we got all the library, art studio, and storage room packed up and even managed to throw our little guy an early birthday party with his friends (he'll turn 8 right after we arrive in our new apartment and new state).  We had several days of wonderful weather so we also got the roof cleaned off, gutters cleaned and some yard work done.  I guess the rest will be up to me so let's hope the weather holds.  I'm just ready to be done with this.  Another huge reason I'm ready to get settled again is that I have been getting tons of emails about custom work that I am having to postpone until I arrive in the South.  I just hope they will all wait a month or so.  I would love to crank out some custom work right now - the creativity would aid my mind but it's won't happen since my sewing machine and all my fabric is packed, sealed tight and awaiting transportation.  Won't be much longer - the end of this month and we're headed to warm land - (boo hiss & zzzzzzzs ).

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