Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Halloween quickly approaches

Wow, I can't believe we are nearing Halloween.  Just a short time after that we'll (I'll) be all packed up and moving to a new place, a new state, a new chaos.  As we approach Halloween I am saddened though.  Every year I pride myself on taking the costume desires of my son and creating them for him.  This year he opted for a store purchased costume rather than me making one. I'm sad.  While it is a cool costume (and befits him greatly) I am sad that I didn't have the time to create this for him.  Each year has been so special with him drawing out his design, discussions about how we can make it, shopping for the fabric, designing it and sewing it.  This year all that fun has slipped away.  Yes we had fun searching all the Halloween shops for something that fit his idea but it just wasn't the same.  As you can see from the pictures surrounding, each year has been a challenge.  This year not so.  Unfortunately my challenge right now is packing, planning an early birthday celebration (here with his friends as his birthday will be shortly after we move), finishing our remodel, and packing.  Not the creative bliss I was hoping for as Halloween approaches but there's always next year.  Happy Costume making!

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