Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Excitement builds

I'm excited about today.  Why?  Because today is the day I get to set up my display for the Vasa Park Fall Craft show.  It's not that I look forward to lugging heavy boxes to my car, out of my car and then set up the grid walls, tables, etc.  I'm looking forward to getting all that big stuff out of my house.  As we are packing up to move to
Texas, I am finding that I have little room to sort, sift and pack with grid walls, tables, and tons of boxes of product sitting around the area.  I am excited about taking them to a new place and setting them up and selling tons.  Let's put it this way... I am a motivated seller.  I'm excited that for the next few days I will have a bit more space to tackle the areas that need to be packed up quickly.  One such area is my sewing room.  I already packed the fabric but after visiting Texas this past weekend and seeing how small the apartment is, I am needing to repack the fabric to be in "project" boxes.  That way I get out a box, work on a "project" and then return it to the box.  I think this is going to be the only way I can do it for now....especially since there isn't even an area for me to sew in (guess I'll be using the dining room table that won't be in the dining room because the computer will be in that small area).  So I'm off today to move out some boxes, see the other great vendors, set up my area, and enjoy the gorgeous place where the show is set.  Come on by and see me.  The show runs tomorrow (Thursday October 14) and Friday from 10 AM- 7 PM and Saturday October 16 from 10 AM-5 PM at Vasa Park and Resort in Bellevue, Washington.  

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