Thursday, June 3, 2010

End of School year blues - Part two

As a speech-language pathologist who has worked in a number of different schools, I feel I can say with certainty how lucky we are at our school to have the great staff and parents we do. I'm sure lots of people feel that way about their school too. The teachers are great, the assistants are great, the front office staff is great and the parents on a whole are great.

For that great music teacher who managed to bring a song out of your child this would be perfect.

A Note of Thanks by Argyle apple

For that great PE teacher who encouraged your child to become involved and taught them some great exercises or who so patiently included a kiddo with a broken leg who could only watch everyone play for 2 1/2 months, this would be great.

Personalized Water Bottle by Sew Blessed Stitches

For that librarian who pointed out the perfect chapter book section that inspired a lengthy followup writing session, this is ideal.

Librarian Scrabble tile by dollmaker30721

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