Tuesday, June 1, 2010

End of School year blues - Part one

Yes I have the end of school year blues. It's not because I don't love having my son around all summer. I do. In fact I miss him greatly during the school year. However, he loves school sooo much that days he doesn't have school are a bummer to him. He is beginning to show signs of the end of school year blues. I have them too because I have really enjoyed being part of his class and helping the school this year. I am branching out there now and becoming an important part of the parent groups so now that the year is coming to an end, I'm feeling the loss coming too. It has been a very difficult year for both of us with injuries, illnesses, mishaps, and just general home chaos so the consistency of school & school friends (his and mine) have made this year bearable.

In honor of these blues I found some fun things to share with those important "school" people at this time of year.

For that thoughtful, caring recess teacher or teacher assistant who so carefully watched your child so that he or she would not be pummeled into the dirt by the school bully or who intervened when that did happen, this magnet would be perfect.
Retro Magnet by On The Cards

This would be ideal for that great bus driver who so carefully brought your child to and from school each day & even though it was a noisy, chaotic job it was done with a smile.

End of Summer by Alex Wijnen

For that lunch lady who served up a nearly healthy lunch for hundreds of picky eaters every day, these reusable bags would be perfect with a special offering of your favorite homemade granola.

Dogwood blooms reusable snack bag by bells and unicorns

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