Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Workin on Wednesday - cast protector

As I mentioned yesterday, my son broke his leg recently. We are still managing pain and mobility in addition to many other factors. One huge one is the need to be around water with a cast that can't get wet. There are 2 reasons we need to be around water: 1 being that the child does need a bath on occasion and the other being that we live in the pacific northwest where it rains regularly. We have been quite fortunate this winter that we have had it very mild - I'm not gloating for those of you who are still buried in snow - we have hardly had a winter. However we do get regular rain here and I could envision his cast getting wet as part of this normality. So to tackle both issues, I set to work on a protector for his cast. I had some clear vinyl as I like to make curtains for the bathrooms out of this. I fashioned a nice clear boot with a velcro fastener that slips over his cast with some crossover to keep the water out and an elastic top to keep it close to the leg. It's not watertight and would not keep all the water out if the cast was submerged but it does the job. He can easily get this on when going out in the rain or we put it on him before helping him in the bath. I don't worry about splashes getting on his cast and we can relax about something. The pictures don't show it well as it is clear over an "alien" green cast but it is cool - if I do say so myself.

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