Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tackle it Tuesday - crutch covers

This week has been quite the adventure for my family. During martial arts my son broke his leg. He had to wear a splint and keep it immobilized and elevated for a week before they would put a cast on it. Luckily keeping him home and keeping it elevated allowed the swelling time to go down and he was able to get a cast on. Thankfully during this time (and to this day) we were loaned a wheelchair from my friend Kayce which has been a life saver (and back saver). Thanks Kayce! Now that he has a cast he is able to use crutches some. We all know how much fun those are. When my sister was here and broke her ankle (don't ask) I crocheted her covers with padding to go over the tops of the crutches. She loved them and sent them back afterwards to have me make more for my store - that didn't happen but still could. So when my son started using crutches, my sis asked if I was going to crochet toppers for his. I thought about it but thought that a 7 year old boy probably doesn't want crocheted tops to his crutches - he probably wants something cool and evil or something. So I asked my son - this is what he chose. I used flannel skull fabric with tons of batting and a drawstring to cover his crutch tops. They are perfect for him. I can add more padding as needed and remove the cover for washing. I'm quite pleased with them actually....and he thinks they are cool.

Tomorrow my Workin Wednesday will share another of my creations designed for cast wearing! See you then.

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