Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday round up -this week's project

This week was definitely better than the previous few weeks (although I didn't get my Workin on Wednesday post up) - we are all finally feeling better in this house (knock on wood). I am finally kicking the crud and the kiddo is finally feeling well enough to become much more mobile on his crutches and scooter. The doctor warned us that by the 7th week we'll be freaking out about the potential for more breaks due to the kid's speed on crutches. He has several newly made items to make his week go a little more smoothly. The first project was a slipper cover to go over his cast to keep his toes warm. I made it much like slippers I've made for him before over the years and just expanded it to make it fit over the cast. The trick was to make it tight enough to stay on without crowding his toes. It seems to work well as he asks for it every day and wears it all day at school.

The second project came out of necessity for him at school. He isn't allowed to go out to recessso he is hanging out in the library and writing stories or drawing during recess. He found that it was difficult to take his favorite pencil along to lunch and then to recess while on crutches or on the scooter. He had been tucking it into the cast (ew) or the scooter which we discouraged so I quickly designed this pouch for him to carry on the scooter or the crutches. It is big enough to carry a book, some paper and his pencils but small enough to not be in the way when traveling around school. The straps adjust with velcro so he can take it off his crutches to put on his scooter and vise versa. Works great!

We'll see what next week demands. Hope you had a good one!

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