Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Workin on Wednesday - mittens

This week I am starting a new feature for Wednesdays "Workin on Wednesday". This will be a time where I will focus on something new I'm working on or something I recently made. As I have recently begun taking care of a 6 month old, this week's entry is about something for her. With the winter upon us (but not really affecting us much thank goodness) I found that most of my mitten and outer wear was not only used - a lot but mostly too big for her. With a 7 year old I had weeded out most of the baby and toddler things out of the coat closet in recent years so I found myself deciding to make mittens. I made a pair of these easy mittens earlier in the Fall to send to my niece (that never happened though as they are still sitting in my crochet bag). I decided to copy that pair but make them smaller to fit a 6 month old. These are what I came up with. I added a little elastic in the cuff area to potentially keep them on (theoretically that would work but in reality kids can be determined at any age). I like the multicolored yarn and actually have used that yarn to make a wine bottle cozy. I also decided she has enough pink and hot pink (never really was my favorite colors). So this is what I've been working on. Check out next week for the next project.

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