Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tell about Tuesday - Cozy O Baby Pillow

Today's Tell About is Kelley of Cozy O Baby Pillows. It seems I am always running into Kelley and had no idea she was part of Etsy and EtsyRain. Her children go to the same preschool my son went to and I met her through friends from the preschool. I found her website and I immediately loved her concepts. I had no idea until later that the same person I was always running into - at the grocery, or the bank, or somewhere - was the person with this great company. Strange how that all happens.

Kelley makes these great pillows that are like donuts but padded in the middle. They are raised nicely around the sides to keep baby perfectly nestled. But Kelley's pillows don't have to be just for baby. They are also perfect to be used in any nook as a reading pillow or snuggle into them in front of a movie. Each pillow has a slip cover for ease of cleaning too. In addition to these fabulous pillows, Kelley also makes unique waterproof quilts and totes perfect for any child. Stop by and check out her great ideas today.

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