Monday, July 6, 2009

Vacation is over...for now

Well our summer routine is now starting. My husband had the past 2 weeks off and we made great use of every day. We started the summer off with the end of school party. Our son was honored at the all school assembly for Perfect Attendance - he was the only one in the Kg-3rd grade so it was quite a special thing. He was very proud to go up with the older kids to get his award. Then the class had a little "graduation" ceremony with the kids singing the school song and the PeaceBuilder song. Very cute. Then we were you know we started the time off with a trip to Lake Chelan. What a gorgeous time! We stayed at a fabulous house overlooking the lake and mountains and enjoyed the weekend immensely. On our way back from Lake Chelan we stopped by the Reptile Zoo in Monroe, WA. What a cool (and creepy) place. The boys loved it and we got try to match a snake skin we found at Lake Chelan. Very cool except we couldn't figure out what kind of snake it was - one of the zookeepers thinks it is either a gophersnake or a Western Rattlesnake (not what I wanted to hear after spending time in the area where we found it barefoot). When we arrived home we began work on quite a few remodeling projects. I've mentioned before how we are slowly but surely remodeling our home. This round of remodeling focused on the family room. We started working on this area when we remodeled the laundry room last fall. After many attempts with getting the paint right to match the rest of the house (don't ask) we painted the ceiling and removed the old ceiling fan (that we couldn't use anyway as it wasn't installed properly by previous owners). While hubby painted the walls of the room, I went to work on painting all the trim boards to frame all the doors and windows. The room looks great now. The new ceiling fan will go up next weekend - we hope - as we just ran out of time.

The rest of his time off we spent playing. We went to the Muppet exhibit (Jim Henson's Fantastic World) at the EMP, rode the monorail downtown Seattle, went to the aquarium, went to the zoo, went to the beach and finished it all off with going to a great fireworks show. Through it all we also had playdates for our son. What a great way to start off our summer. It seems that our summer is not going to be a lazy one. We seem to be already booking up with set playdates, camps, and events. We'll also be having another vacation later this month too. It won't be long before school will be starting. - augh let's not go there now - Happy Summer!!!!

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Nancy Jones said...

Sounds like a great couple of weeks! Rachel had perfect attendance too! Glad you are back online. Hope we can see you during the summer for some park dates.