Friday, May 22, 2009

Fabulous Friday - Memories

As we embark on a Memorial Day weekend, I am taking this time to feature some fabulous finds from Etsy that remind me of special memories.

My Grandpa: My grandpa raised hens and everyday would go out and collect the eggs. There were always a lot of them. I can't imagine he would ever think to do this with the eggs. This beautifuly carved egg from 1 eggman isn't from a chicken but it features chickens on it and is quite exquisite. I remember so well the many times I collected eggs with Grandpa and then would sit with him in the basement while he cleaned each and every one.

My Grandma: This angel food cake soap from AJ sweet soap reminds me of all the wonderful angel food cakes my grandma would make for my birthday out of the eggs that Grandpa collected. None of the cake mixes or store bought cakes can even come close to the amazing Angel Food Grandma would make. MMMMMMMMmmmmmm

My dad loved chocolate covered candy. Every year for his birthday and for Father's Day we would get him bags of chocolate covered peanuts and cherries. It wasn't as easy to find them as it is currently (in fact now we can buy them bulk) which made it even more special. I'm sure he would love this chocolate covered peanut brittle from Georgia Treats. Mmmm, it looks so good.

Memorial Day: Every year when we were kids, we always took a trip over Memorial Day to meet up with relatives, go to the cemetary, and then meet at a town center and have a family reunion. What I remember most from these gatherings are the multitude of American Flags that were flying everywhere. This pendant by Happy Haven reminded me so much of those flags. Perfect for this weekend or Independence Day.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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