Friday, May 15, 2009

Fabulous Friday - Fabulous Garden Finds

With gardening on my mind, I went to Etsy in search of some great inspiration for my new garden. Naturally, I found a load of beautiful things. This gorgeous dragonfly pot by Leah Reynolds just glows with vibrant colors. I wasn't planning on putting more pots out in that area but now I might.

This stunning glass hummingbird feeder is only one of her extraordinary pieces! The colors and the copper are so fabulous. It would look glorious in a garden. Glorious Glass Garden is the perfect place to find these creations. Check out this store for so many beautiful things.

Knowing how infested with aphids my new garden area has been in the past, I think I might need to install one of these Aphid-eating Bee houses from Krueger Lampwork. It seems they mostly make beautiful lampwork beads but they have raised my curiousity about these bee houses. They are from our area too. hmmmmmmmmmm

Perhaps if I just wear these adorable bug eyed lady bug earrings while gardening, the aphids will run off to another neighbors' garden. These whimsical earrings from Boutique Jewels made me laugh and wonder if they could work.

For now, I'm off to continue working on this garden. I promise an update soon. I've enjoyed this little venture through the gardens of Etsy.

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Gigi said...

Best of luck with the new garden.