Friday, April 10, 2009

Fabulous Friday - Spring Cleaning Art

Well I was all prepared for a Fabulous Friday when it became a Friday Flop! Earlier this morning as I was wrestling with a package to send out, I knocked over a glass of water all over my pile of business cards (they were out to become part of the package). Ugh! Thank goodness my son was at school because this was a language lesson I didn't really want to share.

Now on to the Fabulous part of today. Earlier this week we had incredible weather. I took this picture of my beautiful hellebore in full bloom. We were able to get out and really do some clean up of the gardens (and a bit of sprinkler running as noted on Wordless Wednesday). We further cleaned out the dead stuff from this winter and began by cutting branches off the rosemary bushes to make it easier to dig out. While doing that, my son grabbed several branches and claimed them for his own. Who was I to argue with someone helping me? So I allowed him to take them off to his patch. After digging the bushes up and putting them in the yard waste recycle bin I suggested N do the same. He said he was going to make yard monsters out of these to keep the dogs from pooping in our front garden. HUH???

So yes, we live in a frequently walked neighborhood where people have the nerve to allow their dog to wander our yard and poop in our lawn.... and in my gardens (on the flowers no less). Some do pick up after their dogs but most do not - which I find extremely annoying when gardening with a child (ewwwwwwwwwww). So dear N wants to create some monsters to scare off these dogs. I say go ahead!

Well it had been on his mind for the rest of the day and the next morning he drags my husband out first thing (hubby was a bit bleary eyed = pre coffee) to help him "create" these monsters.

I think they are the coolest things....rosemary branches, electrical tape, yarn, pinecones. My son embellished his with a bit of paint yesterday and they are fabulous! (click on the picture to make them bigger to see the detailing) Can't wait to put them out front and see if the mojo works.

Have a fabulous Easter!!!!


Nancy Jones said...

Those are great!They look like ents from Lord of the Rings....

Original Cyn Studios said...

They do! I didn't even think of that - let's hope they don't start moving :)