Friday, March 13, 2009

Fabulous Friday

After a very hard and long winter in my garden, I am beginning to see a little life now. My crocus are up and trying to bloom (they would succeed if it would stop snowing, sleeting, and hailing on them), my daffodils are sprouting, my tulips are rising, and my lilies are greening up. Unfortunately there are many things that are not greening up and from my observation won't be. They will have to be dug up and become part of a compost pile somewhere. So thought has been given to my new gardens for this year. I am planning some expansions and reworking some areas. Thankfully many of my new plants are already ordered - purchased through a fundraiser for my son's former preschool. That gives me plenty of time to get working on these new areas. However, this week was not the week to do so. Snow, sleet, hail and freeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzinnnnnnnnnngggg temperatures prevented me from tackling any of it but that was fine. It was a good week! I got some great work done for my store, got to see some great friends, celebrated my son's achievements at school (woohoo Peacebuilder of the Month for March at his school and positive report cards) and enjoyed the various seasons we saw during the week (not summer though). So that makes today a Fabulous Friday.

I hope to continue weekly with a Fabulous Friday post - sometimes it will be something Fabulous that happened during the week, sometimes it will be a Fabulous artist I want you to meet.

So go out and have a Fabulous Friday.

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