Monday, March 9, 2009

Here they come to ????? the day

I love being part of 2 wonderful groups of Etsy members. As part of the EtsyRain team, we have shows, meetups, classes, swaps, and challenges. I love the challenges. I haven't participated in any recently as life has been coming at me full blast and I just haven't had a chance to dedicate full thought into the challenges.

This time I couldn't resist.....Superheros! What a great concept and challenge! So what did I come up with? Well, I could have just pulled out some Superman fabric I have and made something with it but the idea is for this to be a challenge, something that inspires creative thought. Instead these are what came to mind......functional capes! These backpacks are perfect for sleepovers, carrying around gadgets, or carrying whatever is needed. These are not just for the kids....adults can wear them too. They are available now in my store and more are coming soon. Lots of superhero bags but also the same style backpacks in other themes.

The next challenge?......wait and see

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