Wednesday, February 4, 2009

New Growth

We have finally had some nice weather and I have been itching to go out and enjoy it. My first task was to survey the damage our winter has done. So far it appears I'll be doing a lot of gardening this spring and summer. I got stuck in this first task. I had wanted to clear out the entire shed and reorganize it to better utilize the space. Our shed gets the overflow from our house and most items were dumped in the middle when we moved things around for Christmas. That will have to wait for another wonderfully sunny and reasonably mild week. Today I am all about the first task and the plan for what follows. Ironically, I just received several of my gardening/seed catalogs in the mail last week. They must have known. So today after the last 2 days of cleaning up dead foliage from Fall and taking stock of all the plants that appear to have not survived the heavy snow and cold we don't usually get, I am drawing out the plan for this spring and summer. Exciting to be thinking about spring and warm weather (although I don't want to rush there yet) and plans of new growth.

Kinda like my business. While I am encouraged by the current stay of enforcement, it still leaves much uncertainty for children's merchandise. Uncertainty in my mind has led to new growth and new ideas. Exciting to be thinking about this new direction. Don't worry, I'll still have the products I currently have available throughout this year but will be adding new products too.

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