Tuesday, December 9, 2008

It's that time of year

Well it's that time of year. Christmas? Well yes and no. For our house it is Birthday time! Our nearly 6 year old has been planning and plotting, inviting and hoping and soon it will be time for all that work to be completed. I'm sure you know that he isn't doing all the work. He is really just doing the wishing and the hoping and the inviting. Mama and Papa are doing the work (soon Grandma will be here and can help). So what is his theme? Star Wars. Yes, I was hoping for Indiana Jones (an adventure party would be great!) or simply Legos (cool shapes and activities come to mind) but no, it had to be something I know very little about. I sure have learned a lot in the past month. So I have been busy designing games, activities, goody bags (mostly taken care of by my friend Nancy - Thanks Nancy!), the light sabers (watch for them to show up in my store following the party sometime) and the cake. Unfortunately the cake that was requested (a death star)- and I finally figured out how to do - recently changed to become something entirely different (a battle droid?). Thankfully, my wonderful husband has provided me with many resources and ideas. Let's hope it meets the 6 year old expectations. So in the meantime, I have all the light sabers to finish, the games to complete, some blindfolds ("force enhancers") to finish, a house to clean, a guest room to set up, food to prepare, and orders to complete for my store. I think it's going to be a busy week. :)

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