Monday, December 22, 2008

How much more?????

Here we sit under 18 inches of snow - give or take a few layers of ice. While I love seeing it and marvel at the beauty, the novelty of it has worn off. I am tired of not seeing the pavement in front of our house and watching vehicles slide around down our street. The boys have made the best of snow forts complete with a tunnel, snowball fights, etc. It is also cool to see the many cross country skiers make their way along the streets and "sidewalks" in our neighborhood. We have even enjoyed seeing the snowmobiles and ATV's that people have been bringing around. But enough already. This is what we were used to in Wisconsin, not here. I have finally pulled out the gear we had when we lived there. I didn't think we'd ever see it here. What I would really like to see is a snowplow. Someone to scrape the snow off the roads so that we might get out and prepare for Christmas. I would like to get to the grocery for Christmas Dinner supplies and more cookie makings. I have no idea if we are going to make it to our Aunt and Uncle's for Christmas eve. The forecast is looking like more snow. Does anyone know how long it takes 18+ inches of snow to melt in 33 degree weather? I feel like I'm in Wisconsin least it's rare here. In the meantime, it is pretty, quiet, and ideal for the often does anyone here get to say "White Christmas" Happy Holidays!!!

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julia said...

Looks cold at your house, too. Maybe we need to do a rain dance. Are you in? lol
Merry Christmas to you and your family! -Julia-