Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Wow! There are so many things happening now that I am proud about that I am having a hard time focusing on much else. First, our school is partnered with McDonald's (in itself not necessarily something worthy of pride but they help out the school). Today my son is being honored by his school for the McDonald's Academic Student of the Month. He will receive the award at our local McDonald's along with one member from each of the other grades who were selected by the teachers and staff. They will also take his picture and exhibit it with selections of his work (alright at a Kg level not a lot of work to show)in a Student of the Month frame at McDonald's as well as in the school office. He also will be honored at school. He was beaming when I read him the letter of congratulations. We're excited even though it is just Kindergarten. You have to start somewhere.

Speaking of starting somewhere. As of today, I have had my store for 1 year! I didn't have high expectations as I mainly set this up as a creative outlet for me. I had hoped to sell one item for each month in existence and maybe hit 100 hearts (a measure of how many people mark the store as a favorite on Etsy). Well as of today, I have beat both of those goals. I suppose with more marketing and blogging and work on the broadcasting of my store, this will improve. I am pretty pleased with how this year has gone though. I know next year will be even better. Perhaps I'll reflect on this over the next week and come up with a list of "what I have learned". Also, coming soon in honor of my next year, some specials will be found in my store.

And to top off the milestones....we have elected a new president in a historic way. So many things all at once. No wonder I'm having a hard time focusing. Enjoy the next year!


Kayce said...

Happy 1 year!

Nancy Jones said...

Congratulations to both you and your awardk-winning son! :~)