Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Art Class

Well it's official - He now is in the Class of 2022. We had a great time at the "Future Class of 2022 BBQ" and learned so much. First it was a bit strange sitting in a cafeteria eating again - has been a few year since that has happened. Even when I was working in the schools I rarely ate in the cafeteria. The program (offered by a grant to the school) was run by the Principal who seems really neat and very involved with her classes and teachers. The students were then divided into 3 groups and marched off to 3 different classes where a Kindergarten teacher ran a short activity in each classroom - one math, one story, one art. It was great to see the teachers interact with the kids and to see the classroom. Made me kinda miss working in the schools (but not for long). At the end of the night, they had a short evaluation for the parents to fill out and then gave the kids a goody backpack. Wow was it chuck full of neat things too - several books, coloring items, toothbrushes, fire safety information, library information, the 100 books pamphlet, pencils, and much more. I know I was apprehensive about going right when school was out and we were still in Preschool mode with friends and such but it turned out really well. He was so glad to meet the teachers and I was even more glad to get many of my questions answered. I now know the curriculum they use for each subject, the advancement of reading groups, and the amount of involvement they encourage from parents. They also now know that we are a family that likes to be involved and are supportive of the teachers. Our son was asked what he was most looking forward to about Kindergarten and his answer was "I think I'm going to enjoy Art Class a lot". Guess it's in his genes. I guess, you can't have an artist father and a creative mother and not look forward to the Art Class.

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