Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tie dye

This weekend is exciting for our family. It is the first weekend in May. Means nothing to most but for us and for our son's preschool that means camp out. Our preschool is amazing in offering many opportunities to the kids and the families. The typical field trips are part of this school but one event far outdoes the typical field trip. The first weekend in May we get the opportunity to "camp-out" with all the other families and the teachers. The place is a wonderful spot "Camp Gilead" with mini golf, canoeing, slides, playgrounds, wood hikes, zip lines over the lake, and so much more. We have a campfire complete with stories the kids have been writing this week, marshmallow roasting, and a sing-a-long. Then the teachers wish all the kids goodnight and we all go to sleep (at least try) in cabins (tents are an option if you wish). The next morning starts early with breakfast and crafts and games. So much fun. Each year the classes design their shirts. In the 3/4 class they just decorate the shirt with fabric markers and proudly wear them at camp. In the PreK class they tie-dye. This was our son's first experience with tie-dye and it was very exciting. After resigning to the color choices available he created his masterpiece. It is finally finished "curing'. He is so excited about wearing his art at camp this weekend and I am excited to see how much he has camping with his friends. Should be great!

PS.With as much fun as this was and how beautiful the colors are, watch for tie-dye coming to my store this summer!

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Steph said...

Love the tie dye!!!! I will have to check out your store this summer.
Thanks so much for popping over to my blog, I hope to see you again there soon.