Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I love the theatre. My sister runs a theatre in New York, my mom is a volunteer with many hours for a theatre in Denver. Theatre is in my family. However, the part of the theatre that strikes my fancy are the costumes-their way of portraying the story without any words. I think I have always loved costumes. After meeting my husband, I realized he loves costumes too. His friends had a yearly costume contest where everyone always tried to top each other and the previous year. So much fun to be part of that group. Stephen is an illustrator so early in our marriage I began creating costumes for his paintings. It was so much fun. However, that never amounted to much because I was always working so much and time for creating costumes was limited. Today my son's school had a fieldtrip to Kirkland Performance Center to see Cinderella. It was cute but what I found myself looking at were all the costumes. Without even listening I could visually tell you who belonged together. It was great. It reminded me of when I was working at the School for the Deaf in Wisconsin and going to theatrical productions with my students. Without hearing the music, the dialog or anything, the visual information was enough to tell most of the story. The costumes today were simple but effective and so creative. So although we aren't anywhere near the can-you-top-this costume contest days anymore and I only create costumes for my son (and the occasional piece on my website), we still find the beauty in the costumes made to entertain others. All in all another fun day.

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