Tuesday, April 1, 2008

It's Back!!!

That big orb in the sky is back, the one that warms the earth, the one that makes the flowers grow, the one that gives me a big boost of energy - the sun. The snow is finally melting - all except the bottom of the snowman we built. Wow do we need the sun. Days get really long when there is no sun, it is snowing/hailing/raining/hailing again/snowing again, and I have a really sick kid (the first time in over a year) and it's spring break. I guess sick is going around though -several of his friends are sick and we just found out one has chicken pox. I think I am going to be glad he has bronchiolitis and not chicken pox. For now, I am just glad that orb in the sky is back warming up my energy and helping me make it through another long day.

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