Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I have to admit I am thrilled it is spring. I love the colors, the budding branches, the flowers,the warmer weather - everything. Well almost everything. Naturally with all the beauty of the flowers comes the fun of the pollen. Thankfully this year the pollen has been kept to a minimum in the air currents by our abundance of rain. The other problem that arrives in Spring is the difficulty in knowing whether the stuffy nose, sneezing, etc is part of the growing spring or a true cold. Well that is where I am at with my son. It has been progressing all week - more and more stuffy each day. I think I am now convinced that perhaps it really is a cold that is hitting rather than Spring allergies. Ugh!!! It picked a great week to week is Spring break. Now I am hoping that I don't get it too. If I do, I'll still cherish the beauty of the new flowers, budding trees and (hopefully soon) warmer weather.

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