Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The power of soy...

We are not big fans of soy. Stephen is allergic to it and my body can't handle any extra estrogen so soy is not in our house -except for a little soy sauce on occasion. Well recently soy has entered our house. I am a drop off point for swag items for our craft fair coming up in May and various members of EtsyRain have brought items to include in our swag bags that will be given out to the first shoppers at the show (with others going to media and to give aways). The items received are so beautiful and very diverse. Enter Soy....soy candles that is. One of the swags is a bag of soy tea candles in a really sweet fragrance. I had no idea how fragrant they can be. I am not a perfume person, not really into lots of fragrance but I do like an occasional burning candle or incense (flashback to a former life). These candles are securely wrapped in several layers of plastic yet I can smell their fragrance beckoning every time I enter my sewing room. I have thought that I should move them to a larger room so that the aroma isn't as overwhelming while I sew but that hasn't happened and probably won't. Who knew that soy candles would be so powerful! I still won't introduce any new soy into our life but for this temporary soy encounter - it sure has been fragrant.

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