Saturday, April 3, 2010

not just one but 3!

This has been an extremely difficult year for me. There have been many illnesses, injuries, sadness and troubling instances happening since 2010 began just a few months ago. I must say I was hoping there would be a chance at some point where I could just stop and say "Re-do 2010" Of course that isn't possible but a wish. So this morning I am finally feeling a sense of hope for this new year. I woke to find many emails. Conversations that told me that I am in their treasury or that they liked my item. Treasuries are a way of displaying items on Etsy that feature a theme, color, or idea. They are a way for others to see one of the million items available for sale on Etsy. I'm in one rarely (maybe 2 or 3 in the past year) and I've only been able to snag one to create once. So you can imagine my excitement in getting these emails this morning saying I was in the treasury. This morning I'm in 3 treasuries - not just one. I am so excited and hopeful that this is a positive turn for this year. You can view these treasuries here, and here, and here. They are all in honor of Autism Awareness month.
I'll be posting an announcement about how I am participating in Autism Awareness month later this week. For now, I'm going to enjoy seeing my products with many others in the treasury.

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