Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Workin on Wednesday - slippers

This week I've been working on making new slippers/booties for the baby. She often loses her socks or doesn't arrive with socks and that can be chilly especially if we are headed out to the park or other places. I found some old (old meaning too small) socks of my son's and have been using these but thought perhaps some tie up booties would work better. I will be making some fleece slippers like I made for my son last year later for her but wanted something that would lace up and be easier to hold on her (or so I hope).

I started with a basic oval and worked my way up for these cute but easy to slip off slippers. I then found this great site with these adorable high top booties on it. They were easy to make too. I chose not to add the embellished star though. Super easy. They look adorable on her too. So now there is no excuse for having cold tootsies - as long as these stay at my house :) I might have to figure out how to make bigger ones of these for my son.

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