Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tell about Tuesday - Cuddles 'n Yarn

I have loved Mary Jane shoes for a long time. I think they are adorable on little feet. Unfortunately my feet are not little. They do make them in my size but I think they are cuter on little feet. I like them even more when they have cute white socks with black shoes. So cute! I always thought they would be adorable on my little girl.....but I never had a little girl and they aren't so cute on little boys. Then all my friends started having girls. So several years ago when my friend was about to have her little girl, I began searching for a pattern that would combine my love of Mary Janes with my love of crocheting. I came across this pattern and did make an attempt and transposing the knit to crocheting (not easy but doable). The booties became more of a nightmare than a loving act so I abandoned them and just made a simple "Mary Jane without the socks" slipper. Imagine my thrill to find the above cute booties at a craft show I appeared at before Christmas. Not only did she have these Mary Janes but she also had the most adorable high tops and other great items. She is Cuddles 'n Yarn and she has lots of great items including hats, sweaters, blankets, and she does custom orders too. I'll remember her the next time I am looking for those perfect Mary Janes for that darling little girl on my gift list.

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