Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fidgets - they're always on my mind!

Fidgets, fiddles, stress relief thingys, squishers...whatever you want to call them they are occupying my mind. I can't stop thinking about them. What is a fidget you might ask?

Do you find yourself chewing on a pencil top, tapping a pencil, rubbing the texture on your jeans, squeezing a stress ball, twirling your hair? These are all different ways of helping you focus. Fidgets are just that. Like so many of you, I too need a fidget. My fidget is sewing/crocheting/crafting/cooking.

I have been focusing on opening my new store, Therapeutic Threads and have so many ideas of fidgets. They have been taking a lot of my attention lately but they are so fun to do and I know they will be so helpful to so many people. As a friend says, I'm just combining 2 of my talents (speech-language pathologist and crafter).

Here are a few of the fidgets I am putting in my store:

My take-along fidgets are perfect for hanging on a keychain, clip or belt loop. Filled with poly pellets, they are the right size to fit in most hands to allow for fidget behaviour. In addition they are fairly inconspicuous for those who don't want to carry large fidgets.

My next fidgets are the perfect sensory experience. The black and white vivid fabric on one side provides a great visual stimulation. The opposite side has a texture - soft, bumpy, or smooth. Each one is unique and the patterns and colors and textures vary by each group. Inside each is filled with varying weights of poly pellets so each bag feels slightly different to play with.

My larger alphabet fidgets (each one is about 5") are great for the classroom. The top fabric matches the letter (A=airplane, B=boots, C=construction/crane or cat) or they can be made with the initials of the person. They too have poly pellets and have a marble inside to push around the bag. They will come as whole alphabet, as individual letters or as a set (initials, school letters, ABC). They will be in my store soon.

My "shapes" fidgets have been designed to accommodate the need for texture and flexibility in hand fidget toys. I crocheted them in various shapes (sphere, cylinder, cube, and pyramid) and stuffed them with polyfil. They provide a great texture and squish when held. They are currently found in bright primary colors but pastels are on their way. Want a specific color and shape? Just ask. I'd be happy to accomodate.

Fidgets are ideal for those who need something on their desk, in their pocket, or in their hands with which to fidget.
So go ahead, fidget!

For more information on sensory processing disorders or on managing it, this is a great article.

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