Monday, May 11, 2009

New Garden

I love Spring - all the flowers popping up, gardens greening up. This is a great time to live here. Although it is green nearly all year here, new greens show up at this time of year. I never really noticed all the variations in color growing up - the trees were green, the nights black, the days blue. It wasn't until I met my husband that I really saw the colors. On many a walk while dating, he pointed out the world from an artist's perspective. The greens were really a variety of greens and yellows, the nights were blue and purple and gray and black. Suddenly my love of gardening (something my parents passed on to me) became enriched with a whole new palette of information. My love of gardening just grew and grew over the years with this new view on the world. It was stifled slightly during years of living in apartments and condos - I was the only one with tulips popping up in a one foot corner of soil near our garage. Naturally after obtaining our house I "bloomed" and "spread my roots". The whole backyard was a mess. The previous owners had 2 rottweilers that must have just grabbed everything from the house and buried it and continued piling. There were valleys and hills where there shouldn't have been. Upon leveling this I found so many "treasures" that have made the final product so rewarding - I can't believe the yuck I've been through with these gardens. Over the course of the next few years I carved out several gardens and now am very pleased with the backyard. It naturally continues to progress with dividing plants, moving things around and adding annuals but for the most part it is finished. July is the best time for viewing it so I'll have to take pictures then.

Therefore, I have moved on to tackle other parts of the landscape that are less than pleasing. I have set my sights on an area that the previous owners used as their "car fixing" area - otherwise known as where the broken car sat under repair for years at a time - really pretty I'm sure. Over the past few years I have attempted to pull out weeds, mow the "grass", plant a few bushes and temporary plants, work on the fence between properties, and work on layout for this area. The area is swampy when it rains and dies during the summer (full sun - poor drainage). This is going to be a fun challenge, redoing the slopes, amending the soil, and planting. Thankfully the weather has begun to cooperate with these plans. I will be chronicling this garden here. These pictures show how it looks now at the beginning. Not so nice. I'll keep you posted.

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