Monday, April 20, 2009

More with fleece

I do a lot with fleece scraps - just look at my store. I make scarves, earbands, roses, shawls, and ponchos out of scraps and pieces of fleece. I have balls and balls of fleece yarn rolling all over my sewing room (okay, I try to keep them contained) and am always thinking about what to do with it. Some of the balls have unique color patterns connected (it all depended on how the scraps were cut and connected) so they don't always lend themselves to be a show piece product. Recently I decided to work on a bathmat. I remember as a child having a bound rug in our living room (or somewhere) that was in this oval shape and looked a lot like a rag rug (or that could be my aging memory). So that's how I wanted to work this bathmat. It turned out great. I love the warmth in the bathroom and it is so easy to launder. Yes, it has ends sticking out in various places and yes the colors change in a weird way but I don't mind. It's warm, soft, and keeps the floor dry. I think I will make several more with the remaining balls of yarn.

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julia said...

This is awesome! I did one with sheets to use as a bathmat. They called it a Swedish Toothbrush Rug. I used a big safety pin tho :) Mine is round because I lost the oval shape somehow, lol