Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Since I am in the throes of embroidery, I thought I'd see what Etsy has in the way of embroidery. Very interesting and some very unique ideas on embroidery. Not just tea towels with the days of the week, like my grandmother made. Here are a few great findings.

I believe pillow cases were the first thing I learned to embroider on so that's where I looked first. A member of Etsyrain, Charlene, has these beautiful pillow cases. This one is my favorite of from her shop with those pretty butterflies.

The next item I found is so cute. I love these cute cats. These are from lyptis and she has a shop filled with great clothes in addition to these cute cat shirts she hand embroiders. She has a sale going now too. Check her out.

I have a love of pins - I guess. I seem to have a lot of them, given to me over the years by students and coworkers. I also love making them. I have several pins available in my store and in Etsyrain's store. A pin I found that is amazing is from hondamom. She knits this fabric, felts it and then hand embroiders it. So pretty! This would be a beautiful addition to my collection.

Embroidery, embroidery......hmmmm what else do I find..........

These beautiful wristwarmers make me think I may not use gloves this winter. So pretty with this embroidery design running up them. knitwit has many beautiful items in her store.

I have saved the most amazing, labor intensive item for last. Again, it is another pin....but what a pin! Can you believe all the hand work that went into this. Just check out crewelwhorled's shop and see all the amazing things she has. She also has great ornaments. Really beautiful.

So as you can see embroidery is not just for towels anymore....now back to work on my ornaments....a little bit more inspired from all the wonderful work on Etsy.


lyptis said...

Hi Cindy! Thanks for featuring me in ur blog! Yippie!
Nice article!

crewelwhorled said...

Thanks for your nice compliments Cindy. Can't wait to see your ornaments when they're done.

Original Cyn Studios said...

Thanks for your beautiful work - easy to display and talk about. Yes, I'll blog about the ornaments when done.

~ Charlene S Noto said...

Thank you so much for mentioning my work! I really appreciate your comments...and those are my favorites too. LOL

kim* said...

knitwit is pretty neat